Parks N Peaks field days

The PARG held its first Parks n Peaks field day at the end of last year, with members achieving numerous contacts. Following this successful day and positive feedback we now hold Two-Hour Field Days about every six weeks.

There are many parks and recreational areas to choose from and loads of information, on the Parks N Peaks website.

The following dates are proposed for the rest of 2021 (usually at 1400 - 1600 WA time):
Sunday 07 February
Sunday 14 March (JMMFD is the following weekend)
Saturday 24 April
Sunday 06 June
Saturday 24 July
Sunday 4 Sep
Saturday 17 October (1200 - 1400 WA time)
Saturday or Sunday 27 & 28 November to coincide with the VKFF Activation Weekend.

Check back regularly to confirm the dates.

The next PARG Two-Hour Field Day for activation of SOTA mountains or VKFF Parks (or even operating from home to give us more stations to work) will be held on Saturday October 17th, to coincide with the VKQRP Club QRP Hours Contest QRP Hours Contest.  Details will be posted here when sorted.