PARG Swap Meet 2016

Sometime towards the end of 2015 one of our members suggested we have a junk sale. Yeah right! There was much rattling of brains to find something to sell and there was not really a tremendous amount that we came up with. Then it was Christmas and the New Year, both busy times and probably too hot. That same Amateur would just not go away and early in 2016 the “Let’s do a Junk Sale” call was raised again. This time he had a venue and a tentative date. We could do that and we did.

On the 5th of March 2016 the Peel Amateur Radio group held their first ever Junk Sale at the Bortolo Pavilion in Greenfields. Junk Sale conjures up memories of sales that I attended back in the late 70s just before I came on air. Now they were something to remember. Of course in those days we were probably at the end of the greatest homebrew era in ham radio ever. Tables full of magic amateur bits to build the biggest most wonderful wireless equipment one could imagine. There was so much surplus gear for sale. Well I am pleased to say that the Peel Amateur Radio Group pulled it off. It was a magnificent sale reminiscent of earlier days.

We did it with the combined efforts of the members and XYLs. Stevie VK6SMK was the instigator of it all. Not only that he was responsible for the catering and many can testify to the quality of his hamburgers which I am sure contained a good dose of Haggis from his homeland. Amateurs came from far and wide, they brought with them mountains of things for sale. Plenty of goodies that were pulled out of secret hiding places, new stuff, old stuff, interesting stuff, tables full of stuff. We filled a lot of tables and a lot of gear changed hands. More importantly many amateurs renewed friendships and met new people. There is no better place to ragchew than a good junk sale.

The members of the Peel Amateur Radio Group would like to say a big thank you to all who attended, some from many miles away, without you it would not have been a success. Rest assured, this is the first of more to come.