Waroona Show - October 8th, 2022

The Peel Amateur Radio Group set up a demonstration of PARG1 - PARG’s emergency comms trailer at the Waroona Agricultural Show on Saturday October 8th, 2022.

  • Jerry, Jenny & Graham raising the rotatable dipole on the PARG1 Clarke mast.
    • Jenny launching an antenna skyward - hard hats everyone!
      • Martin and Jerry on air in PARG1.
        • Spark Transmitters next door!
  • Peter, Jenny, Graham and Jerry hard at work in PARG1.
    • Peter and the team busy button-holing passers-by.
      • Peter, half a Jerry and Graham - making adjustments to the digs.

Advertising of the Event via Email Beforehand:

To give the best demonstration of amateur radio to the public, PARG is keen to have phone, WinLink and slow CW (Seee - What?) contacts as much as possible during the day.  Appreciate of PARG, SEF, HARG and NCRG members would have a listen out for the team, and give them a call during the day.

PARG1 will use the Club callsign VK6ARG, and if we also set up a portable elsewhere in the showgrounds, they’ll probably use the other Club call VK6COM. 

The crew expects to be going all day if conditions allow, and if they have enough operators.  However, for planning purposes, here’s a rough guide of where to listen and call:

  • 10am, 12noon, 2pm and 4pm 
  • 3.6MHz, 7.120MHz or 14.175MHz - SSB - or if I have anything to do with it… QRS CW.
    • Depending on what antennas can be put up in the space available, they may be on only one band at a time - so tune around.
    • Note, if on CW, the frequencies above will be zero beat if received on SSB - so tune up 700Hz on LSB or down 700Hz on USB…. or switch to CW and use the frequency displayed!
  • WinLink will also be tried by our resident WinLinker Jenny VK6JEN on dial 7.050 mhz centre 7.0515 mhz.
  • Depending on how Martin VK6MJ and Chris VK6XH go with integrating AllStar into the VK6RMH repeater, the crew may also be available on the South West AllStar net in the afternoon.

So please have a tune around and give them a call - and to make the display as interesting as possible for passers-by, please call them often! 

And of course, why not come down to the show?  Claimed to be Australia’s Biggest One-Day Agricultural Show - and WA’s Friendliest Show… how could you go wrong?  For details:   https://www.waroonashow.com.au/