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PARG 2.4GHz Mesh Network

PARG operates a 2.4GHz mesh network for internet-free data communication - primarily for emergency support.  Initially, the Group has distributed a number of Voice Over Internet Protocol phones to a number of members, to allow testing and development of the system.  The phones allow single or conference calls among holders, and the system is also connected to the PARG 2 metre repeater.  The phone numbers of members' phones is in the attached document.

Please let Martin VK6MJ know if you would like a mesh phone.

You will notice some phones in the list are grouped into ‘ring groups’ in red. This allows multiple phones to ring simultaneously where the member has more than one phone. For example, Mark has a phone in his shack in the house and another in his hangar some distance away. This allows Mark a chance to answer the closest phone. Each phone can also be dialled directly on its individual number.

We have two conference calls. Phone number 500 is an off-air conference which is particularly useful for club meetings, club executive meetings, etc, where we don’t want the conversation to go to air. Phone number 9700 is our Mesh to club repeater (VK6RMH) conference which is connected from my shack to the repeater. This is particularly useful when monitoring our repeater frequency when away from the shack if your mesh phone is located inside the house and the shack elsewhere. It also provides a test channel to monitor your rf path to the repeater.

Shown below are the WRT54GS router and Cisco 7941G phone. I also have a box of the earlier 7912 phones (kindly donated by Martin VK6EEE) which will become available when I reach the bottom of the 7941G box. You will need to source a 48v dc plug pack for the phone or build your own 48v dc reg supply. The router and phone when programmed are simply connected to each other and your internet router and turned on. The Mesh network takes care of everything else.

                WRT54GS V1 – 3 (12V DC)                                            CISCO 7941G IP PHONE (45V DC)                                                UBIQUITI BULLET (24V DC)                                        CISCO 7912 (45V DC)

If you want to read up on all things Mesh then have a look at:

If your qth is in range of an outdoor Mesh node then it is possible to link into the network via RF (2.4 GHz).

I stand to be corrected in that I believe we are the only Amateur Radio Group in VK6 with a Mesh network and other groups in VK are starting to develop their networks. (Keep in mind that I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken!).

Do contact me if you have any questions.

73 Martin VK6MJ

Mark Bosma,
Aug 21, 2022, 3:35 AM