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This is the link for the Winlink-Programs-Group Google group to the Winlink info page (search for it in Google Groups)  this group is THE group for anyone users and sysops like Jen and Myself  to ask questions, read other operators trials and tribulations (and maybe learn something along the way) as this group is run and moderated by the people that actually wrote the software.Ive learnt more by reading other peoples questions and the subsequent conversations than through any other means. Bugs can also be posted to this group. Covers everything from radio setups, software setups, operational queries, and anything inbetween. Its the ducks nuts!


No issue with anyone joining  callsign, name and so on are all thats required. Being a Google Group like the PARG Group, itll be very easy for members to join in.


There is a Groups.IO group as well  these guys are NOT the writers and managers of the system  join that group at your own risk.


Hope this helps;





Jennifer FOULDS,
Nov 6, 2022, 4:24 PM