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PARG meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday night of the month, at 1900 hrs.

The first Tuesday is an On Air night on our repeater VK6RMH on 146.850 MHz, or simplex on 146.550 MHz. A club member is the net controller for the directed net. A different topic is discussed each night.

The second meeting is our Workshop/Technical night. This meeting is held at the SES Mandurah HQ, 31 Education Drive Mandurah. We also use Zoom for those unable to attend and the presentations are uploaded to the Workshop/Technical page, to be enjoyed over and over again.

Due to a rejuvenated interest in the 80 metre band, many members are meeting on air on the second Tuesday of the month. You are welcome to join them on 3.600 MHz (or thereabouts, depending on interference) at 1900 hrs.

Meetings may change at short notice, so please check with the Secretary (listed in PARG contact details) to confirm details.