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Member's Articles - Home owner antenna woes. (Posted 23 Dec 2020)

An interesting article from Tony, VK6DQ, about problems with antennas, home owner associations and body corporates.

Member's Articles - Radio and electroniky. (Posted 23 Dec 2020)

Another thought inspiring article from Tony, VK6DQ, about problem solving.

PARG Calendar - Club Activities and Events. (Posted 06 Jan 2021)

Upcoming events and meetings are now entered on the calendar.

PARG Club Activities and Events - Parks N Peaks, Slow CW Contest, Lighthouse Activation and Swap Meet

These pages will be updated as more information comes to hand.

PARG Administration - Renamed from Membership - PARG Administration. (Posted 10 Jan 2021)

Membership application and club clothing order forms are now available on this page.

PARG Club Activities and Events - Swap Meet 2021 - PARG Swap Meet 2021. (Posted 15 Jan 2021) 

Details of the swap meet.