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AllStar Presentation - AllStar(Posted 20 September 22)
PowerPoint slides from a presentation to PARG by Mark Bosma VK2KI / VK6QI about the AllStar Node that's being added to the VK6RMH repeater to connect it to the South West AllStar network.

Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Articles - Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Propagation(Posted 2 June 22)
An interesting and readible Dutch PhD paper encompassing a series of articles on experiments with NVIS propagation.

Training and Practice Sessions - Training and Practice Sessions.
(Posted 31 May 22)
Covers CW and Winlink.

And especially for Amateur Radio Magazine readers - the results of the inaugural International Morse Code Trivia Quiz are here:  International Morse Code Day .

The list of members' mesh phone numbers has been updated;  see PARG 2.4GHz Mesh Network

VK6DON's Hex Beam after another storm... or was it after connecting the new FL-2100B?