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President's Report President's News. (Updated 21 Oct 21)
The latest President's Report from Geoff.

Home - Amateur Radio, What is it?. (Posted 18 Oct 21)
Check out the video on Amateur Radio.

Club Activities and Events - Slow CW Events - SCW Dec 21. (Posted 18 Oct 21)
Keep the date 04 Dec 21 free for the fourth event.

Club Activities and Events - JOTA - JOTA 2021. (Posted 12 Oct 21)
Details for the JOTA event 16 - 17 Oct 21.

Club Activities and Events - Slow CW Events - SCW Sep 21. (Posted 12 Oct 21)
The results of the Sep 21 event have been posted.

Information - CW Training. (Posted 09 Oct 21)
Interested in some CW training and practice? This page has been created just for you!

Workshop/Technical - Workshop/Technical. (Posted 30 Sep 21)
The video presentations by Paul Simmonds (VK5PAS) on WWFF/VKFF Parks and Sue Southcott (VK5AYL) on the ParksnPeaks iPhone App are now available.

VK6DON's Hex Beam after another storm... or was it after connecting the new FL-2100B?