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PARG President’s Report 11 Jul - 17 Oct 2022

See: 221017 PARG Presidents report 11Jul-17Oct22.pdf for the beaut photos!

The following events of significance occurred during the period (apologies to those whose contributions I may have missed) :

06 Aug - PARG Birthday Bash - Mark VK2KI, Bruce VK6CX, Graham VK6WCR
13 & 14 Aug - Remembrance Day Contest - Bruce VK6CX
16 Aug - PARG Meeting - Je
ff Stuparits W4DD - tracking down mains power related noise
20 & 21 Aug - ILLW Rottnest Is - Jerry VK6LJC, Geo
ff VK6HD
22 Aug - Initial committee meeting
27 Aug - Working bee to assist John Thompson VK6GJT
28 Aug - NCRG Hamfest - Martin VK6MJ, Geo
ff VK6HD, Jerry VK6LJC, Baz VK6MU, Paul VK6LL, Graham VK6MG, Tony VK6DQ, Tery VK6TTF
10 Sep - Mayanup Ham Camption - Southern Electronics Group - Graham VK6MG
20 Sep - PARG Meeting - Allstar - Mark Bosma VK2KI
04 Oct - PARG 1 & 2 working bee - VMT to Graham VK6MG, Paul VK6LL, Jen VK6JEN
05 Oct - Waroona Show planning meeting
08 Oct - Waroona show - On site Jerry VL6LJC, Geo
ff VK6HD, Jen VK6JEN, Martin VK6MJ, Graham VK6MG and Paul VK6LL assisted by Terry VK6TTF, Maurice VK6HLC and Baz VK6MU

In addition, weekly CW training (Tony VK6DQ), slow CW net (Mark VK2KI) and Winlink net (Jen VK6JEN) have continued through the period.

Congratulations to Graham VK6MG on getting his full call after passing the exams with flying colours.

In an effort to standardise our club message we designed and printed a number of tri-fold brochures (see attached) which, together with the PARG pull-up banners were deployed to great success at the Waroona Show. Limited numbers are available from our Secretary.

You will all be aware of the recent issues re ownership of our domain name and web site hosting.
I am pleased to report that largely due to Martin (VK6MJ’s) e
fforts we are now the proud owners of our DNS and our web site is hosted by IINET on a standard commercial footing. In addition , Peter (VK6PBS) took the initiative and reserved the domain name and has transferred same to the club for which we are most grateful.

Concomitant with our IT issues it became apparent that we had not received renewal notices for several club licenses and as a consequence the PARG club repeater had to be temporarily shut down pending resolution. A number of members tried to assist the authorities to see reason, however in the end it was Mark VK2KI literally “throwing himself on his sword” that turned the tide in our favour, and Bruce couldn’t pay the invoice quick enough. In order to prevent this situation reoccurring we have synced the club license renewal dates so they are all due at the same time.

Mark, VK2KI temporarily halted his helicopter construction project to design and build an Allstar node for the Club repeater. This was an ambitious project and one for which we are most grateful to Mark for. Following bench testing at his home QTH, the unit was despatched by fastest carrier pigeon and installed in the SES building. Apparently a gremlin crept in whilst the unit was in transit and Martin (VK6MJ) Chris (VK6XH) worked for over 12 hours to clear them out prior to the Waroona Show, again, for which we are most grateful.

The NCRG Hamfest was well attended by club members, and as usual a great day was had by all - in particular, by yours truly, as I was the lucky recipient of the first prize Icom IC705.

page2image1798016 page2image1804960

Following months of planning and huge bribes to respective XYL, Jerry (VK6LJC) and I embarked the Rottnest ferry for a weekend of lighthouse portable activation, interspersed with much frivolity, eating and drinking with our XYLs. We had a great time and worked stations from around the country, Indonesia, Japan and even Argentina. Plans for next years ILLW activation include the Abroholos or even Cocos island - watch this space!

 page2image1798688page2image1770688 page3image1813696 page3image1794656

We attended the Waroona show on Saturday 08 Oct with PARG 1, ably supported by Jerry (VK6LJC), Martin (VK6MJ), Peter (VK6PBS), Graham (VK6MG), Jen (VK6JEN) and yours truly. It was an early start and by 0830 we were setup and on the air. Jen led the charge with WINLINK, Martin with practical ISS communication demonstrations, Jerry and Graham with HF SSB, Peter with UHF/VHF, and I wandered about making a nuisance of myself. A number of members also called in from their home QTH including Maurice (VK6HLC), Baz (VK6MU), and Tony VK6DQ (apologies if I missed anyone). Visitors to our display included a number of old and current ham operators including Terry (VK6TTF) complete with grandchildren!. Notwithstanding our original aim was to drum up new members, (which we may or may not have achieved), it is obvious to me that the wider aim of showcasing our hobby to the community was achieved, and so we were successful.

page3image1818400 page3image1804736 page3image3803328

Upcoming events include

• 18 Oct - PARG meeting - topic TBC
• 22-23 Oct - Perth Tech
• 23 Oct - QRP Hours field day
• 15 Nov - PARG Meeting - topic TBC
• 26 & 27 Nov - VKFF Activation Weekend • 03 Dec - PARG Slow CW contest

• 20 Dec - PARG Meeting & Christmas party • 17 Jan - PARG Meeting topic TBC
• 22 Jan - PARG Field Day
• 26 Jan - Australia Day Contest

• 02 Feb - World Wetlands contest
• 11 Feb - PARG Swapmeet
• 21 Feb - PARG Meeting topic TBC
• 18 & 19 Mar - John Moyle Field Day
• 21 Mar - PARG Meeting topic TBC
• 16 Apr - PARG Silos on the Air field day
• 18 Apr - PARG Meeting topic TBC
• 27 Apr - International Morse Code Day
• 29 Apr - Harvey Agricultural Show
• 14 May - PARG Field Day
• 16 May - PARG Meeting topic TBC
• 10 & 11 Jun - VK Shires Contest
• 15 Jun - Trans Tasman Low Band Contest • 20 Jun - PARG Meeting topic TBC

Finally, please can you send me some photos and words of your adventures and activities as they occur so I can include them in my bi monthly report.

73, Geoff

Geoff Hart-Davies VK6HD President PARG
Wednesday, 12 October 2022


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