Practice Session - Winlink

If you would like to practice using the various forms of Winlink and Vara, then this is the place for you.

Wednesdays, 1700 to 2000 Perth time (0900 to 1200 UTC)

Primary check in:

Send a Winlink message via an RMS

Callsign: VK6JEN

Alternate check in:

Address Callsign: VK6JEN

Centre Freq: 7051.5 kHz

Dial Freq: 7050.0 kHz

Mode: Vara HF P2P

Subject: Winlink check in *Date*

Message: Your Callsign, Suburb, what method you’re using (HF Vara, HF ARDOP, HP PACTOR, TELNET), and whether you’re Home/Mobile/Portable.

*** If you don't have HF Winlink working, use TELNET to get involved ***