PARG holds a Workshop/Technical night on the third Tuesday of the month. Of recent times we have had to hold these meetings over Zoom.
This has allowed members who are restricted by distance to join in and indeed contribute to the education (and sometimes amusement) of all members in things associated with RF.

We hope to include many more presentations to this page, in the future. Please come back to check what's new.

The first presentation was done by Mark VK2KI / VK6QI who lives on the other side of the country. 

As they say in the classics 'sit back, relax and enjoy!'

$130 Vector Network Analyser
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Mark Bosma VK6QI/VK2KI on the NanoVNAv2 (or SAAV2).

- What is it? - VNA Uses - NanoVNA Functions 

- How does it work? - What can I use it for?

- Where to buy, what models available?

- What else do I need? - Questions and Discussion by PARG members.

- Closing Credits

How do repeaters work?
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Mark Bosma VK6QI/VK2KI and Martin Diggens VK6MJ on the operation of repeaters.
The video is quite long (102 minutes - a bit like a boring movie!) but covers:

- how amateur radio repeaters work,

- the technical challenges,

- operating advice, and

- concludes with a visit to the VK6RMH 2m repeater in Mandurah, and the usual closing credits.

The video could be of interest particularly to Foundation and Standard amateur radio license holders, or people working toward their first license.

Portable Amateur Radio Operations
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Geoff Hart-Davies VK6GHD on portable amateur radio operations.
Geoff’s terrific talk on portable amateur radio operations, includes:
- Summits on the Air, World-Wide Flora and Fauna/VK Flora and Fauna, Islands on the Air, and
- Beaches on the Air, - websites, - equipment - antennas. 
The talk is followed with a short discussion by Maurice Bersan on his interesting Microbitx all band HF transceiver kit that he uses portable.
The group then looked at a very nice Yaesu FT101Z and Geoff's Yaesu FT-817 to see whether he'd let the smoke out of the final transistors again.
The usual (hopefully) humorous final credits round out the video.

Website Management
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by David Millett VK6FAAZ on Website Management.
- Start to 14m - update by PARG President Geoff Hart-Davies VK6GHD.
- 14m to 1h07m - Website Management presentation by David Millett VK6FAAZ.
- 1h07m to 1h28m - discussion on Morse keys by Tony Boddy VK6DQ.
- 1h28m to 1h33m - discussion on Crammond Commodore - 55A maritime transceiver by John Thompson VK6FAAJ.
- 1h33m to 1h46m - discussion on RF phasing noise cancelers by Maurice Bersan VK6HLY.
- 1h46 to 1h55m - discussion on PAKRAT configuration by Terry Francis VK6TTF.
- 1h55m to 2h - discussion on web-based magnetic loop antenna design solver by Miguel Vaca.

Magnetic Loop Antenna and RF Inductor Design
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Miguel Vaca VK3CPU on development of apps for the design of magnetic loop antennas and RF inductors.
- Start - Magnetic Antenna Loop Design.
- 7m40s - Antenna Research.
- 13m38s - Magnetic Loop Antenna App.
- 32m00s - RF Inductor Design.
- 50m19s - App Coding.
 and - these are formatted for best viewing, on a mobile phone.

WWFF / VKFF Parks Activation
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Paul Simmonds VK5PAS on how the World Wide Flora and Fauna / VK Flora and Fauna activity works.
- Who's Paul VK5PAS?
- What's WWFF and VKFF about?
- How it works?.
- How to prepare for a Park activation.
- Upcoming activities.

ParksnPeaks iPhone App Development

Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Sue Southcott VK5AYL on her development of an iPhone App for use for SOTA and Parks activation and chasing.
- How the App was Developed.
- Step through the App.
- How the App works.
- Managing Logs.
- Next release improvements.