Here are the TechTalk videos from 2021 should you wish to view a particular subject.

Note: There are a number of other TechTalks that have yet to be converted (the ones with the PARG Logo below). Because we had numerous requests to see the video about the Southern Electronic Group's remote HF stations, it has been published out of sequence - if you want to see the recording of another meeting, please contact the PARG Secretary.

WWFF / VKFF Parks Activation
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Paul Simmonds VK5PAS on how the World Wide Flora and Fauna / VK Flora and Fauna activity works.
- Who's Paul VK5PAS?
- What's WWFF and VKFF about?
- How it works?.
- How to prepare for a Park activation.
- Upcoming activities.

ParksnPeaks iPhone App Development
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Sue Southcott VK5AYL on her development of an iPhone App for use for SOTA and Parks activation and chasing.
- How the App was Developed.
- Step through the App.
- How the App works.
- Managing Logs.
- Next release improvements.

Learning and Using CW
Delivered by Tony Boddy VK6DQ 19Jan21

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
Delivered by Martin Diggens VK6MJ 16Feb21

Stealth Antennas for Urban Homes - 1
Delivered by Geoff Hart-Davies VK6GHD and Mark Bosma VK6QI 16Mar21

Vintage Radio Restoration
Delivered by Baz Ford VK6MU 20May21

VK Port-a-log Android App
Delivered by Peter Fraser VK3ZPF 15Jun21

Q-MAC Transceivers
Delivered by Maurice Bersan VK6HLY and Terry Francis VK6TTF 20Jul21

Arduino Basics and its use in Amateur Radio

Delivered by John Shutte VK2EMF 17Aug21

Amateur Radio in Motorhomes
Delivered by Don Peterkin VK6DON 21Sep21

The Southern Electronics Group Remote HF Stations
Peel Amateur Radio Group TechTalk by Mark Bosma VK2KI/VK6Q, Rob Seaman VK6LD and Gary Liljegren VK6GAL / W4GAL I on the Southern Electronics Group Remote Stations
- Overview of Remote HF Stations.
- The configuration of the VK6SR station at Bedfordale..
- The VK6CRO station at the Space Technology Museum at Carnarvon.
- How to install the remote client on your computer.
- Connection and use.
- How the Remotes can be of use for amateurs and short wave listeners.

HF Ionospheric Prediction
Delivered by Mark Bosma VK6QI 16Nov21

PARG Family Event - Building and Living on a Riverboat in Holland
Delivered by Jackie and Geoff Hart-Davies VK6GHD 21Dec21

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