Files from W4DD Aug22 TechTalk - Mains-Borne Interference

Attached are the plans for the 137MHz Yagi and 45 dB Attenuator.  As I mentioned in my presentation, it is my most used tool since so many noise sources have RF that extends into VHF (if close enough to the source).  I like being able to point and walk.
Also attached are some snips from my presentation that apply to using the Yagi/Att.
One way to look at the solar panel problem is the controller or inverter is a transmitter.  Wires attached to the controllers/inverter are the antennas.  We need to stop the controller from using the wires as antennas.  If any of your members have a solar panel, it would be interesting to try some of the snap-on ferrites on some of the controller/inverter leads and see if the noise level can be reduced easily.  Remember, safety first.  There is 120VAC on the commercial side of the inverters, 240 across the two power wires.

Attached below is an Excel file with the information on Jeff's 137MHz Yagi and his attenuator.