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News Nov 2016

News from the Peel Amateur Radio Group. By Paul Gardner VK6LL

The last couple of months have been as busy as ever for PARG Inc.

PARG is now meeting twice a month at the Mandurah SES base. The second Tuesday of the month is the business night followed by a little supper, coffee and the inevitable ragchew. The third Tuesday is a show and tell night plus a Q and A session where most things Amateur are thrashed out between lots of very tall amateur tales. The club is working well with a steady increase in membership numbers.

Our club assessor Tony VK6DQ and facilitator Michelle VK6MLW have assisted three people to gain their foundation licence along with one upgrade to Standard and one new Advanced licence, Miguel – VK6SX .

It has been pleasing to note that the recently licenced club repeater VK6RMH – (146.850 MHz) is seeing increasing use down the Mandurah & Rockingham area.

PARG members once again assisted with the running of a portable amateur station for the 59th Jamboree Of The Air (JOTA) at Rockingham Scout Hall. Once again the groups Mobile Communications Unit was pressed into service. This JOTA station has been increasing in popularity for several years and once again proved to be the best attended station in VK6! WA’s Chief Scout Commissioner – Barbara de la Hunty spent some time at Rockingham checking out the station and she came away very impressed. Most popular on the day was the Echolink station which was linked via 2 metres simplex to the node of Martin VK6MJ approximately 24 km south, in Mandurah. Big thanks to Michelle VK6MLW for the long stint at connecting Scouts from Rockingham to many different countries on the day.

The latest club project is the building of a private Mesh network, for interested members. Our new network is utilising the 13 cm band. Various antennae are being built, bought and tested to permit communication between PARG members from Mandurah through to Rockingham.

This is a very challenging project as the band needs absolute line of sight between stations and the coastal region is relatively flat. With the combination of a lack of hills, and the foliage on tall trees the search for suitable high locations goes on, to enable every station to connect with at least one other node in the network. In addition a Mesh tunnel is being created to enable a member in VK2 to link into the PARG Mesh network.

Paul – VK6LL