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AllStar Network

AllStar is a network of simple Voice Over Internet Protocol 'nodes' which allows instant communication of audio around the world by amateur radio operators. 


The AllStar Node connected to the PARG 2m repeater VK6RMH connects automatically to the VK6 South West Network each morning;  the network links a number of repeaters and hot spot nodes around Western Australia.


Click on the following link to see the current bubble chart of what hubs and nodes the VK6RMH AllStar Node is connected to:  Click here for the AllStar Node 57463 Bubble Chart.  Left-click on the bubble chart to zoom in; scroll (eg arrow keys) to move around the network.  Note that the bubble chart is not dynamic - refresh your web browser to see changes - and some changes may take up to 10 minutes to be reflected on the chart - the AllStar Link servers re-sync every 10 minutes.


When the Node is connected to the South West Network, audio from the linked repeaters and hotspots will be sent over the repeater, and vice versa.  To use the AllStar network, simply transmit and receive as normal on the repeater (VK6RMH requires a 91.5Hz CTCSS sub-audible tone for access).


Background Information


The AllStar system was based on the commercial Asterisk Voice Over Internet Protocol PABX software.  


Asterisk had been adapted for amateur radio use in a system called AllStar Link (ASL).  AllStar Link (ASL) is also used to refer to the AllStar operating system.



  • A version of the AllStar system that uses the Raspberry Pi computers as Nodes.

  • The RPi Asterisk AllStar software is also referred to as HamVOIP.

  • Also provides the Supermon system monitoring capability.

  • The WA Hubs run HamVOIP.

  • HamVOIP website:

PowerPoint slides from a presentation to the September 2022 PARG meeting on AllStar is attached below.  See the file below for the full presentation.  You can also watch the whole presentation at the bottom of the page here if you wish.

Selected slides:

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