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Contact Us:


Meetings are held on 3rd Tuesday of the month at:

31 Education Drive SES Mandurah Headquarters

Mandurah WA 6210



Vice President

Martin - VK6MJ


Bruce - VK6CX

Learning / Assessing


Secretary & Membership

Peter - VK6PBS
Email :



To complete the application form, download the file below. Open the document and fill in the form electronically or print it out and fill it in by hand. You need to print and sign the application and then pass the application to the PARG member who will propose your membership application and another member will second it. 


If you do not know any members yet, email the signed application to the Secretary (see above). The committee will invite you to attend a club meeting, where we can all get to know one another. A proposer and seconder can be subsequently organised. 


The committee will discuss your application and notify you of the outcome. You will then be invited to finalise the application process by becoming a financial member. The membership fees are $35.00 per year.


PARG Clothing Orders:

To order Club clothing, download the file below. Open the document, read the 'READ ME FIRST' tab first, follow the instructions, pay your money and we'll order your flash gear.

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