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Despite the cold and wet conditions on Thursday10 August there was no wind.

Several PARG members braved the cold to set up PARG1 on the Manduarh Foreshore after Paul VK6LL towed it down from the SES HQ.


Members in attendance were (in no particular order) Martin VK6 MJ. Maurice VK6 HLY , Jerry VK6 LJC, Graham VK6 MG, Peter VK6 PBS Fun was had by all. Complimentary coffee, soup, bacon and egg rolls helped too.





PARG now has a new 2023/24 committee.


PARG has established a permanent West Australian Winlink Radio Mail Server node, to allow emergency and non-emergency WinLink-to-email conversion for remote station use.  See the WinLink, RMS and Digipeater page which you'll find linked to the WinLink page WinLink.  The Group is also investigating options to establish a Remote HF station for members' use (updated 27Mar23).


PARG is also establishing itself as a WA centre for running hidden transmitter fox-hunts (23Mar23).

PARG Event Plan. (updated 21Mar23)   PARG Events Plan: a rough guide to events and dates for PARG events.


For all current activities and events, click on:

...And What's Old

The link to the old PARG website is at the bottom of this page.

PARG is now full-steam ahead to establish an HF capability at the Mandurah SES Headquarters for future emergency services' support, PARGESS exercises, a WinLink Radio Mail Server.  See: HF Antenna for SES HQ (updated 26Mar23). 

John Moyle National Field Day (updated 21Mar23) - PARG participated in the 2023 John Moyle National Field Day with PARG1 set up at South Dandelup Dam.  See John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2023 for the report.

PARGFEST 2023 (updated 21Mar23) - Our Annual Swap-Meet was held on February 11th, 2023.  The event was a great success with more than 100 visitors.  In addition, we drew our Huge 40th Anniversary Raffle and over $3,300 worth of prizes found homesPARG Swap Meet 2023 for more details.


Farewell John Thompson VK6GJT VK6FAAJ. (21Dec22)  Farewell John Thompson VK6GJT VK6FAAJ

Thoughts from Tony Boddy VK6DQ on the day of the funeral of our member John Thompson VK6GJT. 


UNUN Kit. (updated 15Nov22)  UNUN Kit

And speaking of antenna experiments - this kit is likely to be of interest to members building end-fed half wave, inverted L, Marconi-Tee or similar high impedance antennas.


WinLink Information. (updated 9Nov22)   Winlink Information

WinLink how-to information compiled by PARG's WinLink coordinator, Jenny VK6JEN.


Fox Hunting. (updated Aug23)   Fox Hunting

Fox hunting information and resources, compiled by PARG's Fox Hunting coordinators, Peter VK6PBS and Jenny VK6JEN. PARG Fox Hunts will be run in both Rockingham and Mandurah through Spring, Summer and Autunm. You are welcome to take part. It will end with a BBQ. Bring along your friends and family for a day out. Bring your bathers and towels too.


QRM Hunting. (updated Nov22)   VK6JEN QRM Hunting

VK6JEN's findings when tracking down mains-borne interference.


Waroona Show October 8th, 2022 - PARG Demonstration of Amateur Radio. (updated 1Nov22) 

PARG1 was set up at the Waroona Agricultural Show on October 8th, 2022 to demonstrate amateur radio to the public.  See: Waroona Show - October 8th, 2022.


AllStar Node - AllStar. (Updated 27Jun23)

An AllStar Node has been added to the VK6RMH repeater to connect it to the South West AllStar network.  The AllStar page (AllStar) has been updated and you can now click on a hyperlink on the page to access the Node’s bubble chart - so you can see what hubs and nodes our repeater is connected to.  PowerPoint slides from a presentation to PARG by Mark Bosma VK2KI / VK6QI about the AllStar Node are summarised on the page, and the presentation itself can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page. We've also started a list of AllStar Technical Notes (AllStar Technical Notes) from sources like the HamVOIP and ARM-AllStar forums.


Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Articles - Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Propagation. (Posted 2 June 22)

An interesting and readible Dutch PhD paper encompassing a series of articles on experiments with NVIS propagation.


Training and Practice Sessions - Training and Practice Sessions. (Posted 31 May 22)

Covers CW and Winlink.


And especially for Amateur Radio Magazine readers - the results of the inaugural International Morse Code Trivia Quiz are here:  International Morse Code Day .


The list of members' mesh phone numbers has been updated;  see PARG 2.4GHz Mesh Network

For other background material and information held on the previous PARG website that has yet to be transferred to this site, click here:  Old Website

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