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Operation Cloudless Dawn

The Peel Amateur Radio Group held Exercise Cloudless Dawn I, a communications exercise on Sunday, April 10th.  The exercise was managed by the Operations Director, Martin Diggens VK6MJ and the PARG1 Supervisor, Paul Gardner VK6LL.

The exercise involved the Mandurah Local Emergency organisations, including the Police, SES and Hospital, and simulated a complete State-wide failure of the Internet after a cyber attack.

PARG deployed its emergency communications trailer and antenna trailer (PARG 1 and PARG 2), and had operators at various Headquarters and critical sites.  

We used 2m, 70cm, 80m, 40m and 20m, operating with both voice and WinLink for message handling.  Primary frequencies were 146.550MHz FM, 439.000MHz FM, the Mandurah Repeater on 146.850MHz (91.5Hz sub-tone for access) and the Mount William repeater 146.900MHz. 

PARG 1 Headquarters at Calypso Park

VK6LL and VK6PBS at the nerve center

Relaying email from vhf to hf

VK6HLY Providing Coms at Police station

 The exercise ran from 0945 WA time until 1230 WA time on Sunday April 10th.  Planning documents are attached below.


Outcomes from the exercise can be found in the attached Post-Exercise Report.


Mark Bosma


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