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Click the link to the right to download the CSV file.  That file can then be imported to the CHIRP application (downloaded from the Internet) using the >File>Import command

Thanks to Graham VK6MG, attached below is a .csv file for loading WA repeater and simplex frequencies into programmable transceivers using the free CHIRP application. 


The list was made for the Baofeng UV-5R dual-band transceiver but can be adapted for other transceivers.  The frequencies include the most commonly used WA repeater and simplex frequencies and sub-audible tones if required.  


Also included are a sample of FM satellite receiving channels for the highest point in each pass - contact Mark Bosma via the Secretary (PARG Contact Details) for Acquisition of Signal, mid-climb, mid-descent and Loss of Signal frequencies (usually 5-10kHz on either side for doppler shift).  You'll also find some of the common hotspot frequencies used by individuals with home AllStar nodes.


Contact Geoff Hart-Davies VK6HD via the Secretary (see PARG Contact Details) to borrow a programming cable for your equipment if needed.





Mark Bosma


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