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WinLink RMS, Digipeater and mesh

Club coordinator - Jenny VK6JEN

WinLink RMS Gateway (Vara Modulation)

Dial Frequencies:  7044.5 KHz, 10132.5 KHz, 14093.0 KHz, 21096.0 KHz

UHF Digipeater and PARGmesh

Hi All


One of the jobs we managed to achieve at yesterday's busy-bee was checking out the mesh node and the UHF Packet Radio Digipeater situated in the repeater cabinet.


For those who remember packet radio (AX25 at 1200 baud) it is possible to relay through our digipeater (digital repeater) on 439.050 MHz FM with a terminal program or now with the new winlink system. I have used a PK96 TNC (terminal node controller) with a UHF mono band rig. This uses the vhf repeater antenna via a little vhf/uhf diplexer situated between the antenna and the repeater's cavity filter duplexer which provides a uhf port on the repeater antenna .The digipeater uses the callsign vk6com-1.

The mesh node is working now however, it is not connected to the mesh network as I had disconnected it from the ethernet at the SES when I connected the Allstar Node on the repeater. I have found a little ethernet switch seen below in the junk box which I will install, possibly Tues, to give both the Allstar node and the mesh node simultaneous connections to the lan at the SES thereby permitting the mesh node to tunnel through to the rest of the mesh network.

Cheers all




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