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JMMFD 2020

Once again, the club participated in the John Moyle Memorial Field Day on the weekend 21 – 22 March 2020. This time the location was Mount William, near Wagerup.

The intrepid adventurers, well ok, Jerry, Martin, Terry, Paul and David arrived on site Friday afternoon to set up ready for the event. PARG 1 was positioned and three antennas were raised. The trusty dual band vertical, the boom and the newly donated HF traveling wave dipole. They were erected and orientated to give the ultimate results.

Martin brought his MESH equipment to test its capability from on top of the hill, with some pleasing results.

Evening meals were prepared and consumed along with some well-earned beverages. As strategies for the big event were finalised, a check of the competition contact logger program revealed a slight problem. A call was made to enlist the help of Michelle and with the assistance of the team on the ground a solution was quickly formulated and activated. Crisis averted!

The team turned in for the night. The wind that had been blowing quite strongly most of the day, was now almost a gale. It battered our varying accommodation all night. It was pleasing to the team to see everything was still standing and where we left it. The team arose early, eager to start the competition. The trailer was readied, transceivers were warmed up, antennas were sharpened, and we waited for the starter’s gun.

The day progressed, not quite as expected though. Contacts were being made, however; all we could hear were those contacts talking to other stations in one a sided conversation. They were shielded from our radios. Alternative plans were made and additional equipment was obtained. This improved our situation. The team managed to get some 80 m contacts during daylight hours and also a contact with a Northern Territory contestant.

Although it is probably safe to say, that we did not get ‘best in show’, the team had a great time participating in the competition. Many things were learned by one and all over the weekend. What we may have lacked in contact numbers we made up for over distance.

A big thank you must go to PAWS for allowing us to use the area around the fire watching tower and to the team on site for a great weekend. Thanks also to the club members who contacted us from their home QTH or while mobile.

Looking forward to the competition next year.

Some photos of the weekend for your viewing enjoyment.

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