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JOTA 2021

This Saturday coming, 16 Oct 2021, PARG members are once again supporting the International Jamboree of the Air (Radio) / Jamboree of the Internet event, JOTA JOTI has been running for 64 years, and PARG has been providing licenced radio operators to the local Scout (Peel district) station for over 15 years now.

The photo below shows how PARG members including our president Geoff (and yours truly) assist young Scouts to chat on the airwaves whilst getting a taste of the hobby of Amateur Radio.

This annual event can be quite rewarding, as many Scouts are intrigued about using radio to communicate with other Scouts around the world. Our club is very fortunate as PARG 1 has proven to be the ideal mobile radio base for the JOTA JOTI event.

To run this event successfully i need a minimum of 3 licenced amateurs helping out over the period 0800 – 2100 hrs. PARG1 will be onsite at Rockingham Scout Hall for this weekend and I will personally show all PARG members upon arrival what needs to be done.

Travelling time from the centre of Mandurah to the Rockingham Scout Hall in Wanliss Street Rockingham is 30 minutes.

Please see the attached roster and work out which of the 5 different time Slots you could help out to make the 2021 JOTA JOTI event a success. I will be calling each of you to check and ask if you can join in this fun event.



PARG Co-ordinator – JOTA JOTI 2021

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