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Learning Morse Code with Hypnosis.

I originally tried to learn the Morse Codes series of “dots” and “dashes” visually as they correspond to the many letters of the alphabet in 1975. I struggled. Learning Morse code by traditional audio methods using “dits” and “dahs” is better, but it is still slow and difficult. I struggled, while some of my friends excelled.


More recently I discovered a whole new Morse code learning experience.

Studies by Alden Sears from the University of Denver, using both hypnotized subjects and a control group using traditional methods to learn Morse code found the hypnotized group scored better, more accurate results when tested.


In a world with electronic communications including mobile cell phones, SMS texts, emails, Voice Over Internet Protocols such as Skype, Facetime and Facebook Messenger, some people still welcome learning morse code.


Morse and CW work when radio voice (SSB and AM) fail due to interference. Radio works when mobile cell phones, Internet, and landlines are down due to someone digging up cables by mistake, or perhaps hackers and disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and floods, and even war. Morse and CW are incredible fun. But only if you know how to send and receive.

In July 2003 the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) removed its requirement for proficiency in Morse code to be part of global amateur radio licensing for bands below Very High Frequency (VHF) bands.

Yet Morse code is as popular as ever in the world of amateur radio. Morse code ‘cuts through’ most natural (QRN) and man-made (QRM) noise and interference by using a mode called Continuous Wave (CW). CW is a form of ‘digital transmission’ in that it is either ‘on’ or ‘off’. It is an interrupted continuous wave (ICW). Using Morse Code or CW one can work hundreds of countries on radio with only a few watts and a basic antenna.


‘Hypnosis for Learning Morse Code’ is available now. You get the following 3 MP3s (1) Learning Morse Code Hypnosis with code tones AND corresponding ‘melody’ words set to music following a hypnotic induction by Peter Zapfella. (2) Morse code numbers. Code tones AND words. (3) Morse code alphabet in plain language ‘melody’ words AND code tones. (4) BONUS FREE charts and information on PDFs as listed in the product description.

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