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The Packrat 232 mbx

Getting the Packrat 232 mbx to communicate. By Terry Francis VK6TTF


Hi All,

To progress a bit with the members who have a Packrat 232 mbx, I did the following:

I got hold of a RS232 9 pin to USB to the PC, either Jaycar/eBay.
I made up a patch lead from the Packrat to the transceiver into a packet port on my radio.

I downloaded the puTTy and RMS Express programs, they are free and only take a couple of minutes. 

- puTTy program: Is to get the Packrat set up and communicating with the PC and talking to each other.
- Open the puTTy program and a configuration box will open.
- Select serial port and click open.
- Once you get the command prompt on the puTTy program press shift + *** (star) a few times and it will open up the software/version of the PK232.
- - Then type in mycall, it will come up as I am PK232 or just 232.
- - Then type in mycall again with (your call sign) eg: mycall VK6TTF and press enter. It should then come up with your call sign. Then you know it is working to the PC, YAY

RMS program: Set up with your call sign and station details and set up peer to peer until we get more organised.

If you go into and click open session another window will open up.
Go into set up drop down box and open TNC setup.
In this box you need to put in what serial port you are using: eg: COM5. And set on Pactor 1 for HF.

Once you are this far, contact some other members to see if its all working. Then when you see its working, a feeling of joy will overcome you, as you have succeeded in the first stage of learning.

The sound-card interface I am still working on and will post what I am doing. Cheers everyone and I hope this helps out. I can help you, if required.



Terry Francis VK6TTF

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