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PARG Objectives

The Peel Amateur Radio Group (PARG) was formed in 1982 and has approximately 30 members - more information is on our website  Amongst other things we provide emergency communications for the Peel region and are a member of the City of Mandurah Local Emergency Management Committee. This group is composed of licensed amateur radio operators who are trained emergency communicators, and volunteer personal time, skill and equipment to serve in the public interest within the Peel District of Western Australia.   


We operate closely with the Mandurah State Emergency Service,  and PARG maintains an amateur radio repeater station there, which provides a local radio communication capability around the Peel region.  

The objectives of PARG are to:


• Bring together Amateur Radio Operators, Citizen Band Radio Operators, Shortwave Listeners and electronic enthusiasts into a hobby group which will maintain and promote Amateur Radio. 

• Promote an awareness within the community of the various activities within the Amateur Radio movement.

• Provide assistance to those wishing to become Radio Amateurs. 

• Offer assistance to emergency services during contingencies using our trained members and  the club communications trailer.

• Promote interaction between families of members of the radio group.


We do this by providing the following services to the community:


• Training for people wishing to get their amateur radio license.

• Maintaining a radio repeater station covering the Peel region.

• Maintain a specialised group of trained emergency radio operators, technicians and portable equipment which can be deployed at short notice to provide emergency communications. 

• Working with local schools and scouts and guides to provide training and practical demonstrations, such as Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) and Jamboree on the Air (JOTA).


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