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Next Slow CW Corroboree - Dec 22

CQ QRS Slow CW Corroboree

The sixth PARG 80m CQ QRS Slow CW Contest will be held on Saturday December 3rd from 1700 to 2100 WA time (0900z to 1300z).

The event is called the CQ QRS Slow CW Corroboree, a very friendly and supportive get-together of newcomers and old hands alike from WA and other areas, intended to allow everyone to have a go at CW irrespective of how good or bad your Morse is.  And this time, to emphasise the fun and training aspect (and because submitting and managing logs is a pain for most people), no logs will be submitted and the event will not be scored.

Participants are encouraged to give it a go, even if you’ve never used CW before - the event will involve very simple standard exchanges, which could even be done using cheat-sheets if needed.  Operating hints for those who haven’t used CW before (or whose keys are getting a bit rusty) are attached below.  It’s all about having a bit of fun in a very safe environment - most participants will be struggling to receive and send, just the same as everyone else!

The event will is open to everyone - all amateurs and Short Wave listeners are encouraged to have a go.

Oh, there is also a weekly CQ QRS net on Tuesday evenings from 1700 with stations calling and responding with Slow CW between 3540 and 3570kHz.  This is for everyone who would like to have a go - further details are also available here: On-Air Practice Sessions

So the Slow CW Corroboree Guidelines are attached below (221127 PARG CQ QRS Slow CW Corroboree Guidelines v1.0.pdf);  the Guidelines are likely to be updated closer to the event, so please check back just beforehand.  

Also below you'll find the handy dandy CW operating hints page for your reference.  Also, the Bragging-Rights winner of a previous Corroboree Gary VK6GAL / W4GAL has posted some very useful hints for participants on his website:  - and these are reproduced in the attachment (220328 VK6GAL Notes on PARG CW Event.pdf) below.

If you can't join this event this time, but would like to be advised of future ones, I send out the times by email before each session via a Slow CW Contest email distribution list - and I'd be happy to add any interested amateurs and Short Wave Listeners to the list; for more info go to: or email me at

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