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PARG Swap Meet 2022




The PARG Swap meet is on again at the Mandurah Bowling Club, 89 Allnutt Street Mandurah.


Sellers and exhibitors from 0800. If you require a table, please contact David via

Buyers from 0900 to 1230. Bring your cash, gold bars or first born to snap up those bargains!


Cost is still only $5.00 per person.


There is a raffle, plus tea and coffee.


Yes, there will be check-ins, masks, social distancing, bargains, chit chats, demonstrations and a lot of fun!!


See you there.


Comments from others about this year's event:


Also great to see that the Swap Meet is happening again. It is, in my humble opinion, a key event on the WA AR Calendar and one that is enjoyed by many. It would be great to see such an event held in the southwest with people making a weekend of it with the numerous other attractions to enjoy, particularly those from Perth and the Peel areas. 

Regards, Nick VK6NDX


May I take this opportunity though to thank PARG once again for facilitating the recent swap meet. As always, it is one of the highlights on the AR calendar here in VK6 and particularly with the now longstanding issues affecting such gatherings, such an event not only contributes to the hobby of AR but to the wellbeing of those who enjoy it. We should count ourselves fortunate to be moving into a time that permits such events to occur and long may it last.

Kind Regards, Nick VK6NDX


Good show.

Hour and a quarter from my place at Gidgegannup. Anyone who says its to far to go is a mug (to misquote Bob Hawke)


UT I STARVED ALMOST TO DEATH because I breakfasted lightly, anticipating a sausage sizzle or a pie.  I may recover.

I had a great day out - lunched with a friend afterwards, then caught up with a cousin in the afternoon, and got home a bit after 7pm.

Cheers Bob vk6pop


I just wanted to let you all know how yesterday’s swap meet went.

Firstly I would like to thank all those who helped before, during and after the event - you all know who you are and I am very grateful.  You all contributed manifestly to a hugely successful day. 

It would be remiss of me not to mention a few though.  Maurice, for working for weeks to confirm and purchase prizes and then take the lead on organising and selling all the gear sent across by Mark, and also that donated to the club.  On that note I would particularly like to thank Tracey Humphrey and Kevin Bicknell for donating a heap of gear which we sold yesterday.   Thanks also to Bruce for organising the victuals, especially as he had to leave during the swap meet to go to town to pick up his wife who was being released from hospital.   Also to our new members Jenny and Graham, who pitched in like old hands - many thanks to you all.

During the swap meet I was approached by a number of visitors who congratulated PARG, both for continuing to hold the swap meet for the last couple of years during COVID, and also for the event yesterday which they enjoyed.   I also heard a lot of positive feedback for our slow CW weekly pow wows and contests, including meeting some operators with whom I had been murdering CW!

The raffle was successful, except for the fact that only one PARG member won a prize!:)  Congratulations to the following prize winners, and of course on the day everyone who had a ticket got a prize courtesy of the ex Jaycar gear sent across by Mark.

1st IC2300 65w ICOM RADIO - Phil VK6GX

2nd SDR Mallachite receiver - Peter VK6PBS

3rd 30a Power supply - Steve VK6SJ

4th TET Emtron multi band antenna - Don VK6FAAT

5th Nano VNA - Dee VK6DEE

6th Ham radio back pack - Brett VK6OKG

Finally, Bruce has not completed a reconciliation yet however from my rough calculations I would be surprised if we did not make nearly $1000 profit, which if true, is a lot easier and more enjoyable way to earn money than flipping sausages at Bunnings!

Thanks again to all who made the day such a success.  Photos below courtesy of Graham and Martin and I assume hi res copies could be made available on request.

73 Geoff VK6HD

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