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A last farewell to Gordon John Thompson, VK6GJT & VK6FAAJ.

On Wednesday the 21st of December ten members from the Peel Amateur Radio Group and myself attended the funeral service of John Thompson VK6GJT. All up I guestimate there would have been around 120 Family, Friends and Colleagues from the many organisations that John belonged to. A fine testament to who John was and how well he was thought of. There were many speakers and many tears shed by so many who cared for John so much.

I wrote a small piece just in case I may have been asked to say a few words. Time ran out as it invariably does, that did not happen. I thought I may share my thoughts of my small time in John’s life with the members.

John was fairly new to Amateur radio and there were times when he was batting above his average. He put his hand up to be counted whenever help was needed in a Group activity and many times he would call me for advice. But here’s me with probably less knowledge than John on quite a few counts. We put our heads together and sort of muddled it all out.

That’s what you do with a friend and colleague. John was indeed a great friend, always met with a strong handshake and a smile. I got close to John with our little technical sorties and of course with our Morse code sessions. He worked hard at whatever he did and I watched him grow into many of the puzzles that are part and parcel of Amateur Radio. 

A club man through and through John was well liked and respected by his colleagues at the Peel Amateur Radio Group who are going to miss him sorely. 

My Spy Phone would ring and it would display “John Thompson Calling” “Hello John Thompson, what’s happening?” his words would be “I’ve got a question”. I am really going to miss that. To Lorna, Lara, Lani, family and friends, on behalf of the Peel Amateur Radio Group I would like to offer our deepest sympathy and condolences for your loss.

Rest In Peace John, you will be remembered. 


Tony Boddy VK6DQ

On behalf of the Peel Amateur Radio Group

December 21st, 2022

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