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Miquel DX Comp Oct 2016.


By Miquel Vaca VK6SX

Hi again everyone,


I ended up setting up Saturday morning around 07:30 at the beach behind a sand dune at the back of the Rockingham Naval Club. (GPS: -32.269474, 115.697342)

After a rainy start while we were setting up, the day turned out to get much better. The airwaves did not disappoint with tons of HAMS calling out CQ.

The spot turned out to be quite excellent. Very radio quiet and with few people around. I had good views towards eastern, northern and western directions, all the way to the horizon. Also the being near salt water was also good.

The generator was placed at the end of a long extension cord so noise wasn't a problem. Also the site is readily accessible and there are toilet facilities nearby, at the car park. I will definitely be going to that spot again. (Except I did get the occasional gust of wind and sand, so next time I will ensure to face the tent to avoid this.) 😊

While I left too early to work Europe, I did make some interesting contacts such as Laos, Asiatic Russia, Eastern Malaysia and even worked a DXpedition in Micronesia's Truk Lagoon!

Finally a BIG THANK YOU to Warren and Michelle who both visited during the day and later came back at 8 pm to help me pack up. Thank you so much!!!



Miguel VK6SX

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