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Slow CW Practice

By Mark VK2QI / VK6QI

Weekly on-air CW practice

To encourage new and old CWers, the Peel Amateur Radio Group holds 80m on-air slow CW QSO exchange sessions on most Tuesday afternoons from 1700 WA time for anyone interested in having a go on CW - both PARG members and friends of PARG.  

So I will usually give initial calls on 3565KHz (CW frequency - offset up by 700-800Hz if you're receiving on LSB) from 0900z using my VK6QI callsign on one of the VK6SR Remote HF stations.  Once the net is going, please find yourself a quiet spot in the 3540kHz to 3570kHz segment and start calling CQ QRS;  as well, please tune around and call anyone you hear at the speed you're comfortable receiving at.  There's usually people who come up well after 1100z - so like fishing, keep calling until you catch a passing listener.

For newbies, operating suggestions are available in the Operating Hints that can be found here: 210702 PARG CW Operating Hints v1.4.pdf .

Note, that Tony VK6DQ runs the CW practices on 146.550MHz in the Mandurah area from 1900 WA time until around 2000 each day.

I send out the times by email before each session via a Slow CW email distribution list - and I'd be happy to add any interested amateurs and Short Wave Listeners to the list; click here for more info: or email me at

Catch you on Tuesday arvo/evening I hope!

Organised Corroborees / Contests

Slow CW Pow-Wow Sep 2021

Slow CW Corroboree Dec 2021

Slow CW Corroboree Apr 2022

Slow CW Contest Feb 2021

Slow CW Contest Jun 2021

Slow CW Corroboree Dec 2022

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