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Waroona Show 2022

Jerry, Jenny & Graham raising the rotatable dipole on the PARG1 Clarke mast.

Jenny launching an antenna skyward - hard hats everyone!

Martin and Jerry on air in PARG1.

Spark Transmitters next door!

The Waroona Show is the largest one day agricultural show in Australia.



PARG Mission at the Waroona Show 2022.

To show and demonstrate Amateur Radio to the public.

PARG1 using the Club callsign VK6ARG, set up portable in the Waroona showgrounds, operating HF and VHF 2 meters.

  • 3.6MHz, 7.120MHz or 14.175MHz - SSB -

  • WinLink was set up by our resident WinLinker Jenny VK6JEN on dial 7.050 mhz centre 7.0515 mhz.

    • These are the same frequencies that we use for the Wednesday practice sessions Winlink Practice

    • The mode is: Vara peer to peer.


Australia’s Biggest One-Day Agricultural Show - and WA’s Friendliest Show… how could you go wrong?  For details:

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